Jesuit Charism

St Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, had an incisive sense of reality. He saw that the Church needed men of practical wisdom; men who keenly discerned what Christ wanted of them and set out to find creative ways to do it. These were men not bound by some unexamined unnecessary custom, but alive with divine common sense and tuned in to the ways of the spirit. All that is visionary, mystical, imaginative and heroic is part of a Jesuit’s life.

The Jesuits of the Bombay Province have always tried to live out the gospel message heroically and constantly finding relevance for our times.

"Wherever in the Church, even in the most difficult and extreme fields, at the crossroads of ideologies, in the social trenches, there has been and there is confrontation between the burning exigencies of man and the perennial message of the Gospel, here also there have been, and there are, Jesuits"