Youth Ministry

Ministry with Young People

In the light of our option for faith, justice and reconciliation we try to accompany youth, especially the unorganized and the marginalized in their integral growth and their empowerment. The key aim of our youth ministry in Mumbai is to ensure effective development and mobilization of the youth through various ministries, especially the educational, pastoral and social apostolates. Youth programmes that take the form of workshops, personality development sessions, social outreach ventures aim not only to form young men and women for others but also to build up a cadre of socially conscious individuals capable of critical thinking. 

AICUF - All India Catholic University Federation is a movement of university students with a vision for a new and just society which tries to link itself to the emerging needs and realities of the University, the Church and wider society. The Mumbai AICUF organizes camps, retreats, hikes, exposure visits, seminars, and campaigns so as to achieve three main objectives: Social Outreach, Personality Development and Spiritual Growth. 

MAGIS Programme: Every year, a formative and yet fun-filled fellowship among the youth participants is brought about under the aegis of the MAGIS Programme. The programme aims to help our youth to experience first-hand the challenges that are not easily understood while sitting in the comfort of our homes, colleges and workplaces. Some of these real life experiences include pilgrimages, inter-religious dialogue, social service (helping out in orphanages, service centers), and other ecological initiatives. 

Contact: Fr. Ivan D’Souza SJ