Pastoral Work


St. Ignatius Loyola sometimes ended his letters to fellow Jesuits with the words, “Ite, inflammate omnia” – A Latin expression that translates, “Go, set the world on fire.” Keeping this in mind, Jesuit pastors working in the Bombay Province have a common goal and vision of building up an integrated, fully alive, inter-faith human community, in order to actualize the reign of God. The Bombay Province Jesuits animate Christian communities in three parishes in Mumbai city, three parishes in Vasai, and at various centres in Manor, Ashagad, Talasari, Uplat, Shirpur, and Nashik. The Shrine of the Infant Jesus in Nashik is also run by the Jesuits. It is a popular place of pilgrimage and devotion for many people from Nashik, Mumbai, Pune and other places.


Jesuit pastors in the 21st century are called upon to be more and more proactive, productive and prophetic, and are called to respond to five main challenges:

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St. Michael's Church, Manickpur

Holy Cross Catholic Church, Nashik

St. Xaviers, Fort

Uplat, Talasari