Province Infirmary

Praying for the Society

The Jesuits in the province infirmary are doing probably the best thing a Jesuit can do - i.e. to pray for the Society, its members, its works, and the world at large. After spending their best years in active ministry, it is here that the senior and ailing Jesuits are cared for. Fathers and brothers who suffer from a temporary illness or injury are also nursed back to health here.

The infirmary that is located in the Vinayalaya campus is well equipped to cater to about ten Jesuits. There are also about six to seven Jesuits in the second infirmary at Arrupe Niwas, St. Mary’s campus, Mazagaon. There are a number of people employed to assist the fathers in their daily tasks. The day-to-day administration of all infirmary matters in Vinayalaya is seen to by Sr Shobhna Macwan CCV. Our province Jesuits are deeply grateful to the Vedruna sisters for giving us a trained person to care for our senior men. Thanks also to the Daughters of the Cross, who till recently lent us a nurse-administrator (Sr Miriam) to oversee matters at the Mazagaon infirmary. Thanks are due also to the band of workers who do a heroic job in caring for our Jesuit brothers.

You too are welcome to visit our Jesuits in the infirmary. You might just leave them with a smile on their faces; or they might well leave you with a twinkle in the eye.