To be a home for homeless children, regardless of caste or creed, provide a shelter for the numberless homeless orphans, waifs, destitute and delinquents who roam almost every quarter of India's "First City".



The street children exist at stations and highway overpasses in Mumbai always dwelling on the fringe. They are on the streets because they have run away from an unhappy home or rural poverty or are orphans that live as part of an extended family on the pavements and streets of Mumbai. Some children are part of organised gangs that beg, sing and perform.



Snehasadan is an established and well known organization in the Mumbai community. Over the 49 years that Snehasadan has been working with the homeless children of Mumbai, the process of engaging with street children has changed and modified. However, essentially there is no cut and dry rule. Each child is different.



The organization has two venues known as Contact Centres that act as centres for social workers to work directly in the field with the children. The centers are located at the Borivali and Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway stations. Each centre essentially is just a small room, as most of the staff time is spent in the field, working with individual children.