Holy Family School, Andheri

Holy Family High School is a High School and Junior College affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Education.

Founded in 1944, it is run by the Fathers and Brothers of the Society of Jesus, a Religious Congregation, internationally known for its Apostolate in Education. The School primarily aims at educating children of the Catholic Community and extends its services to other communities as well. Established as a Christian School, it is administered by the Roman Catholic diocese of Bombay.

The school offers education up to Std XII in English, Semi-English and Marathi mediums. It also has open school capability.


The motto of our school is “LOYALTY THROUGH SERVICE”. It sums up all the ideals we wish to see mirrored in a Holy Family Student. The value of “loyalty” is displayed through service to God, the nation, fellowmen, the school, one’s own family and to oneself. The student realises that his life is a God – given gift and he sees a purpose in his life on earth. Hence he makes a conscious effort to discover and develop his talents and abilities by making the best use of the opportunities that come his way, and uses his abilities for the service of others. As a member of his family, he loves and respects the school family members and contributes his bit for the welfare of this large family. As a student, he lives up to the noble ideals of the school and does not by any misconduct, bring discredit to himself or to the school. He tries his best to serve his school. As a citizen of India, he takes pride in his country’s cultural heritage, respects it and works towards the building of a better India of tomorrow. He recognises all men as his brothers and strives towards service when required especially towards the poor. Most of all, he reflects God’s goodness wherever he goes.



1944  - Holy Family School is established

1961  - PTA is formed

1985 - Marathi Section opened with Std. VIII

1988 - Shifted to the new School Building

1994 - Golden Jubilee of the school

1998 - Ex-Students association revived

1999 - Stadium Built

2005 - Amphi-theatre built

2006 -  Holy Family open school commenced

 2007 -  Semi-English School started

2009 - Swimming pool built

2010 - Silver jubilee of Marathi medium

2011 -  Golden Jubilee of the PTA