Books on Jesuits

Akbar and the Jesuits An Accoun by Father P Jarric.pdf
History of the Jesuits Andrew Steinmetz.pdf
Journey to the East by Liam Matthew Brockey.pdf
Matteo Ricci A Jesuit in the Ming Court by Michela Fontana.pdf
Salvation and Globalization in the Early Jesuit Mission Luke Clossey.pdf
Why Have You Come Here by Nicholas P Cushner.pdf
The American Jesuits History by Raymond Schroth.pdf
The Missionary Life and Labours of Francis Xavier Taken from his own Correspondence by Henry Venn.pdf

These books are works by different Jesuits from all over the world. They are subject to copyrights.

Ignatian | Spiritual | Youth | Ecology | Discernment

The Spiritual Exercises and Ecology.pdf

The Spiritual Exercises and Ecology (PDF)

By James Profit, SJ

Thoughts on Youth and the Ignatian Method.pdf
When Are Spiritual Exercises Ignatian Spiritual Exercises .pdf
Spiritual Direction in Daily Life.pdf

Spiritual Direction in Daily Life (PDF)

by William A. Barry, SJ

Sin and the First Week in Our Actual Faith.pdf

Sin and the First Week in Our Actual Faith (PDF)

By Hans van Leeuwen, SJ

Two Standards - A Prayerful Meditation.pdf
St. Ignatius Call of the King - A Prayerful Meditation.pdf
The Affective Dimension of Discerning and Deciding.pdf
Spiritual Accompaniment During the Spiritual Exercises According to St. Ignatius of Loyola.pdf
Spiritual Conversation - A Privileged Apostolic Instrument of the Society of Jesus.pdf

Ignatian Spirituality and Spiritual  Direction 

by Lilian Lian Bee Koh