The day 26 May 2022 was the most beautiful day in recent times in the lives of the Catholic faithful of Savroli, Brahmanpada. The dream of a new Church which was in their hearts before Covid 19, was blocked because of the lockdown. But the new normal created in them a renewed vigour to fulfil this dream. Inspite of several issues and hurdles, on 11 December 2022, it was decided to build the Church.

After consultation with Fr. Yohan and Fr Neelam and later with official permission from the Provincial, Fr. Arun de Souza, on 26 December 2022, the death anniversary of Devji Khatale - the first Catholic of Brahmanpada and the one who gave the land for the first small church 20 years back - we began the breaking of the old church. We decided to inaugurate the new church on 26 May 2022.

Work began on the condition that the Brahmanpada people will raise 5 Lac rupees first. Our people's faith and commitment led them to raise the amount in no time and by the completion of the church they were able to raise 9 lacs. By God's grace we raised all the funds before time and were able to reach our target well in time. St. Michael's church, Manickpur, and many friends and family helped us reach this goal.

Today on the feast of the Ascension of the Lord, all of us experience heavenly joy as Archbishop Felix Machado, Bishop of Vasai Diocese, consecrated this new church with a sense of deep faith and devotion.

I thank and praise the Lord for all the wonders he has done for his people. Amen.

- Fr Vijay Gonsalves SJ

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