Savarde Water Project undertaken by MPSM and the Shrine of the Infant Jesus


“I have struggled for more than 26 years fetching water to drink. This struggle seemed endless risking my life by walking down the steep forest slope and then climbing up again with 3-4 pots of water on my head and waist. It was painful and we had to make several such trips during the day,” said a village woman reminiscing the past on the day of the inauguration of the drinking water distribution project at Savarde, GP. Kashti, Tal. Mokhada, Dist. Palghar on 26 Nov. 2022.

Maharashtra Prabodhan Seva Manda (MPSM), a Nashik based NGO since 1964, working in 6 districts of Maharashtra, on agricultural and developmental issues, surveyed the remotest tribal dominated village after coming to know its acute water crisis due to erratic supply and constant failure of electricity. Savarde village is located on the banks of Middle Vaitarna River belt. Studying the problem MPSM engineered a Water Distribution System using Solar Energy for Drinking and other Household Purposes.

The women, whether sick or pregnant and girl children of the village went through the gruesome task of fetching water walking barefoot down the hilly terrain for more than two kilometres to and fro. This was an everyday ordeal, especially the whole of summer.

MPSM took note of this struggle and started making efforts in providing drinking water through a renewable energy source in order to overcome the electricity issue. MPSM’s efforts and noble cause were recognized and appreciated by the management of the Shrine of the Infant Jesus, Nashik, who came forward to fund the project.

It was a dream come true for the Savarde villagers who put their hearts, minds, and feet together to work for the project by taking up different responsibilities. The common issue of water made them put aside all their differences to work together in unity. Their long years of struggle coming to an end was expressed on their smiling and relieved faces.

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