Book Release

Jeevan Mendonsa’s book was released at a small and informal event at the St. Robert Bellarmine college, Rome where Jeevan presently resides. The book was released by the Rector Fr. Joao Renato in the presence of the community. The book addresses questions regarding the moral nature of human beings through a comparative study between the views of Alasdair MacIntyre (a prominent moral philosopher of the contemporary period) and biological ethics. The book consists of three parts. The first part focuses on MacIntyre’s theory of practical rationality. The second part discusses biological ethics. In the third and the concluding part, the major findings of the first two parts are synthesised and the points of connection between MacIntyre’s views and biological ethics are discussed. The book shows how both MacIntyre’s views and biological ethics highlight the importance of human biology for human morality. It concludes by proposing that both the rational and the biological (including the emotional) dimensions of humans have to be considered in order to understand the complex and multi-layered phenomenon of human morality.

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